Sunday, 8 January 2017

This recipe is one of my ultimate favorites, it feels so naughty! I used to use double cream, loads of parmesan and more wine in this recipe but ive perfected it now to be alot better for you and tastes JUST as good! Thank goodness for creme fraiche :) 

Creamy white wine chicken and mushroom pasta. 
2 syns per person  - 1 for the wine and 1 for the tbsp of Sainsburys lighter reduced fat creme fraiche (you can use which ever reduced fat creme fraiche you can find but make sure you check the syn value first :)
30g (Half hexa) Parmesan used in this recipe and you can use the rest of your hexa if to add on top! 

To serve two. 

Fry a small diced onion, half tsp lazy garlic, a few handfuls of sliced mushrooms, pinch of chilli flakes (optional) and loads of cracked black pepper in fry light, once softened add in two diced chicken breasts and let them seal but not cook all the way through, then add in 62ml dry white wine and let it reduce, add in 300ml chicken stock, I use an oxo chicken stock cube mixed with 300ml boiling water, let it simmer away on low until its reduced by half, then add in 30g grated Parmesan, (half of your hexa allowance) simmer for a few mins then add 2 tbsp reduced fat creme fraiche, let it bubble away until its hot and then add in your cooked pasta (I used 200g dried for 2 people) let it all heat through and then its ready to serve. Add more parmesan on top using the rest of you hexa allowance :)



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  2. I will definitely be trying this! I've tried SW so many times but always lose half a stone and quit because I get bored. I'll be following your Insta and blog for some inspiration :-) I have a wedding dress to get in to next year :-/ xx

  3. Just made this for tea but added in some baby corn and green beans. Absolutely delicious. You are so like me with your fave meals and I always used to use double cream!! Will be making some more of your recipes soon.


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